What to expect during a visit

How do I make an appointment and what happens during our consult?

For most new client visits, our office schedules a telemedicine appointment as a first step so that we can obtain a complete medical history and the veterinarian can discuss the history of the problem your pet is having. During this consult, the veterinarian will gather information to determine next steps based on your pet's unique needs and answer any questions that you may have about your pet's health status. It is helpful to have your pet present for this video session so that the veterinarian can "look" at any live video that may be helpful in assessing your pet. Once this session is complete, we will then schedule an in-clinic visit. During this visit your pet will receive a physical exam from the veterinarian prior to any procedures or testing that may have been discussed during the video session. Depending on your pet's needs and the outcome of the telemedicine conversation, your pet may have a procedure scheduled that same day (as with patients that are in clinic for Ovary Sparing Spay or Vasectomy procedures, PennHip or other sedation procedures) or your pet may have an assessment and treatment session (as with post op or post injury rehabilitation patients.)  Sedation and general anesthesia patients will need to be admitted for the day and are closely monitor through their recovery until they are ready to be discharged to their owners care. Rehab patients are usually treated while their owners are present and are scheduled for a set amount of time. As we are a Fear Free facility, we operate by appointment only and ask that owners not bring their pets into the office without a scheduled appointment. To minimize the chance of pet interactions, owners are asked to contact us though our telemedicine system upon arriving to our clinic. This allows us to escort owners and their pets in without the chance of potentially increasing their anxiety when entering the office.