Communicating with the Veterinarian

Our office works together with your regular veterinarian to identify, treat and manage a variety of conditions relating to sports medicine and rehabilitation. We also offer alternative sterilization techniques that regular veterinarians do not routinely offer. Whether your pet is coming to us for a wellness type visit or for a problem, it is important that we partner with your regular veterinarian for this visit. Please contact our office with the name of your veterinarian when you register with us so that we can keep them informed of any findings during our visit and obtain information that can help us with any assessments or procedures.  

Prior to your pet’s veterinary appointment, we will request past medical records and any additional information that can help us with your pet's visit. If you have medical record copies, jpgs or videos of your pet's health care issue, you can easily upload them through our convenient telemedicine service after you contact us through the widget located in the lower right hand corner of this site. If you do not have this information, we are happy to contact your veterinarian for this information ahead of your visit. Receiving complete information prior to your pet's visit can help to ensure a smooth and efficient assessment for your pet. You can also create a list of any questions about pet behavior, nutrition, or changes in pet demeanor and submit them prior to your visit or bring them that day. 

Establishing open communication with your veterinarian allows you to better understand your pet and their needs and grants your veterinarian essential insight into your pet’s behavior and potential illness.