Lameness Evaluations

Accurately diagnosing lameness problems in our patients is important to us so that we can offer the best treatment plan possible for your pet's condition and be better able to predict outcomes. Diagnosis starts with a thorough evaluation:

  • We offer telemedicine appointments for new clients to speak with our veterinarian directly as well as to upload information from your vet, send videos of the condition, xrays and any other information you have to help us with your pet's first visit.
  • Once you have consulted with our veterinarian, we will schedule an in-clinic physical evaluation and discuss any recommendations for your pet's further diagnosis and treatment based on these findings.
  • If rehabilitation services are indicated, they are generally performed in clinic and a home program is often designed to help you supplement the treatment program.
  • Recheck visits can often be tailored to your pet's individual treatment plan and can consist of virtual rechecks, in clinic re-exams, or sometimes both.