Fitness and Sports Exams

Active pets and sports dogs often are rough on their bodies. The leap, bounce, twist, turn and slam into things. Whether running high level agility or simply wrestling at the dog park, these pets need occasional check ups to assess for possible minor issues that can become big ones if they aren't addressed early. Something as simple as a sore muscle, can alter the way they move their bodies and set up for a serious injury like a cruciate tear or a shoulder strain. Periodic evaluations for sports dogs prior to a big event, or after one to check for issues and aid in recovery from intense activity can help your pet maintain or even improve their level of fitness. Even non sporting dogs can benefit from a yearly check in to evaluate for underlying factors that can leave them susceptible to injuries. 

During your fitness or sports wellness exam we can perform: 

  • Complete gait and postural evaluation 
  • Full body manual exam including treatments if indicated from findings
  • Laser therapy if needed as well as setting up a plan for other modalities
  • Prescribing specific therapeutic exercise programs to promote or improve fitness and prevent injuries
  • Nutritional and weight management advice

Puppy exams

Puppies are brutal on their littermates! Have you ever seen a litter wrestle and slam each other around? Finding things like sacroiliac changes young and treating them can improve their outlook and result in more normal development. Assessments for patellar (kneecap) and other developmental problems can help to plan for management and steer them to appropriate activities when the are young. 

Senior exams

Senior pets require more care than their youthful counterparts. Because older pets are more susceptible to age-related illnesses, finding and treating chronic diseases such as arthritis can be important to their overall quality of life. While we can't cure arthritis, early detection and a good treatment plan can keep your pet comfortable and pain free for years to come. 

To schedule your pet’s fitness or sports exam, contact our office today!