Fitness or Sports Wellness Visits

Pets age faster than humans. While their lives progress more quickly, serious medical conditions do too. Annual pet wellness exams with your veterinarian can help detect serious medical conditions. Annual fitness or sports exams can be an important tool to supplement your pet's regular care. Changes in activity, weight, behavior, or if an athlete- performance during sessions, can be important indicators of possible health issues. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms or has developed any abnormal behavior since their last wellness exam, please inform our veterinarian.

During your pet fitness exam we can perform:

  • Complete gait and postural assessment
  • Full body manual exam
  • Joint range of motion and muscle mass assessment. 
  • Assessment for pain or other chronic changes in your pet's neuromusculoskeletal function. 
  • Initial treatment and planning for any problems noted on the exam

Puppy exams

Puppy's are crazy! Littermates often jump, leap and tackle one another and can sometimes have subtle changes in their developing joints as a result. Early detection of problems can help to correct issues early and allow for optimal growth and development. If you get a new pet, a wellness exam is recommended to detect any existing illness so we could promptly begin treatment.

Adult Pre-sports and breeding exams

Similar to a younger pet exam, our physicians will examine your adult pet from head-to-tail, inspecting all of the joints, muscles, and neurologic function to ensure normality. If there are any pressing irregularities, lab tests or X-rays might be necessary. During adult exams, it is also a good idea to discuss diet and nutrition, as diet plays a vital role in maintaining good health and optimizing performance. Pet owners are encouraged to consult with the veterinarian about their pet’s current diet and eating habits, and discuss healthier options (if any).

Senior pet exams

Senior pets require more care than their youthful counterparts. Because older pets are more susceptible to age-related illnesses, it is recommended that elderly pets receive a senior screening exam once each year, with complete lab work performed once per year. During senior pet exams, our physicians take your pet’s vital statistics and perform a complete head-to-tail exam of their joints, muscles and nervous function accessing any abnormalities or pain your pet might be exhibiting.

To schedule your pet’s fitness exam, contact our office today!