Homestead Vet Rehab - Pink Hill, NC


If your pet requires after hours or emergency care, please contact:

Points East Veterinary Emergency Hospital at 252-991-6560 for small animal emergencies or 

North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital Equine Emergency Service at 919-513-6630


Homestead Veterinary Rehabilitation and House Calls, PLLC is now open!

Our NC office offers home and mobile rehabilitation and adjustment house and farm calls for patients in the surrounding Pink Hill, NC area. Dr. Jennifer Rouse is certified in both veterinary rehabilitation medicine and has graduated an AVCA approved program for animal chiropractic treatment. She offers in-home and mobile services specific to these areas of assessment and treatment. Through the use of manual therapy, therapeutic laser therapy, medical management, and supervised home exercise therapy, she is able to partner with your veterinarian to provide the best care for patients with chronic pain/arthritis issues, acute injuries, post operative rehabilitation, and preventative/fitness care. Dr. Rouse has performed these services on dogs, horses and even cats! Please visit the "Meet the Team" page under the "Our Practice" heading listed above to learn more about her and her training. 

 Common conditions that can benefit from rehab and adjustment therapies:

  • Arthritis
  • Lumbosacral disease
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Neck Pain
  • Post-operative or post injury patients that need a program to return to activity/function
  • Neurologic patients that require programs to improve/maintain balance, proprioception and strength
  • Fitness/wellness evaluations and treatments to keep animal athletes working in top condition
  • Puppy evaluations to detect and address developmental issues before they progress


How do I get more information and set up an appointment for my pet?

If you are a pet owner and are looking to set up an appointment, you can use the widget at the right hand corner of this website to request an appointment, more information about our services, or any other questions that you may have about our practice. If email is better, our NC practice email is: You can contact us through our main phone #: (610)839-0747 and leave a message but phone messages can be difficult to return in a timely fashion so email or the widget is best for a prompt response. 

Dr. Rouse also offers clinics for training facilities and events. If your organization is interested in scheduling a day for on-site consults, please contact us at our email address: with any questions or details about your event and we can assist in setting up any sessions. We have a minimum of 4 patients required to be booked for an on-site session. 

How can I stay in touch to receive information about Homestead's services and availability? 

Dr. Jen offers regular sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Horns to Halos Dog Training in Richlands, NC and every other Monday at Teamworks Dog Training in Youngsville, NC. Both locations are by appointment only. Additional weekend sessions are offered in conjunction with dog sports events and vary depending on the season.  We hope to have a traditional clinic location open by Fall 2023 so please keep checking for updates!  Please check out our facebook page or newsletter for upcoming events and availability!

Follow this link to sign up for our clinic newsletter. It was on hiatus while Dr. Jen started renovations on our future clinic site in NC but it is generally published monthly.  Find out tips on how to keep your pet fit, how to tell if your pet may benefit from an evaluation or session, and information on where and when Dr. Jen will be offering appointments! Sign up for our email list here: